Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Vacation Report Part 2

The days just fly when you're on holidays. Suddenly we're well into the week with too many people left to see in too few days. Saturday night we celebrated Angelo and Esther's 10th anniversary (in May, but we weren't around, so...) by going out for awesome Thai food at Sawatdee. Ridiculously fun. Then over to their apartment for drinks and laughs. Sophie and Greg came by later and we talked the night away. A prairie thunderstorm capped things off. A striking memory: sitting in their "sunroom" watching the lightning flashing behind Greg and Angelo every couple of minutes. Tannis left at 1:00 and I finally crashed there at 3:00.

Off to Grand Beach the next morning with the whole Friesen clan. The weather contradicted the forecast and turned beautiful -- warm and calm and sunny. The girls were in heaven, digging sand and splashing. They made it till about 2:30, then ran out of steam...so we headed home just as the clouds rolled in. Later on, Tannis met our high-school guidance counsellor Bob Fisher on the road, so I hopped in with him and "caught up" for 20 minutes. The guy hasn't aged a day since I graduated 12 years ago...we talked educational philosophy a bit. Plett, Heather, Jer and Bonnie were there when we got back, and Jer and Bonnie stayed till 4:30 in the morning. My sleep deprivation is not a good thing, but it was cool.

Yesterday morning I dropped Tannis and Ivy off at David and Alicia's, hung out with them (and their THREE little girls), then drove out into the countryside. I walked around the little triangle of land on the bald plains that we had our first motocross track on. The "big" jump in the middle was hard to find now, having been worn down by the rain and hidden in grass, but the rut through the middle was still there when I found it. Warm wind, wild strawberry blooming, meadowlarks and blackbirds singing...and the biggest, greenest, flattest horizon in the world. I took a couple of bad pictures, and drove by our old farm, admiring the giant cottonwood trees out front and feeling nostalgic. Chad took the afternoon off, so I met him to go for a bike ride in Beaudry Park. A couple of fast laps through the oak trees and jungle-like ferns, then some beers on the grass by the river while talking about work, family and the meaning of it all.

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