Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Loooong Weekend

Angelo was out here for five days around the weekend. I took Friday and Monday off, and it felt like my actual summer vacation. Highlights:
  • Bellevue Canyon was kind to us on this tour. On Friday, Tannis graciously dropped us off on June Springs Road, and we climbed up to the KVR, then across to the Crawford Trail. We hammered the singletrack down to the rim of the canyon and pondered our fabulous good fortune. I'm so thankful that they've included that whole area in the new Myra Bellevue Protected Area, even with the disclaimer that the "use of mountain bike stunt features is not recommended and they are not endorsed by BC Parks". Anyway, we took Hillbilly on the way down, then TittieTwister, and finally came out at the Crawford power station. Cruised down the road and Greenway down to Rotary beach for a swim (above 30 degrees at supper time), then all the way back down the Greenway to get home. We were totally out of steam about halfway back to Mission Creek Park, but grunted through the last few kms. Then Saturday we climbed up to Flamingo Flats and then followed the lower section of the canyon down to Bellevue Creek to soak a bit. Glorious.
  • Myron's KVR loop: Sunday brought yet another scorching hot day, but Myron guided us through an excellent cross-country tour up the road, down some fast old jeep roads, then back down the Summerland section of the KVR. Lots of good laughs, an awesome swim in the creek, then cold ones with nachos, salsa and cherries to cap it off. Epic!
  • Okanagan Mountain Park: I hadn't been riding in the park for a couple of years, and had basically forgotten how epic it is. After the first few nasty climbs in 38-degree heat, we cruised through Wildhorse Canyon, which is really impressive. At the other side of the canyon we had a snack and noticed that the light was turning very orange-pinkish. So we really hammered on the way back through the canyon, enjoying the views and gently twisting singletrack. Angelo accidentally rode over a small rattlesnake, which made it angry enough to coil, rattle like mad, and raise its head just in time for my right ankle to pass within a foot of his forked tongue. Very lucky on that one. When we got back to the car, the smoky sunset was in full splendor, staining the entire lake dark orange and magenta. We jumped in the water at Pebbles Beach to drop our core temperatures four or five degrees, then chowed down on Mom's deck...still 30 degrees long after the sun went down.
  • Beer...Angelo enjoyed some Summer Solstice Ale, while I stuck mostly with Big Rock Maibock, which became known as "Mailbox" as the weekend progressed. Also went through a six-pack of Nelson Paddywhack after returning a box of Black Bear that was past its prime...I probably won't be buying either of those ones again.
Have I used the word "epic" too many times already? Lots of talking on the deck, beaching, amazing riding and laughing. Good times, indeed.

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