Monday, September 01, 2003


This weekend felt quite surreal. On Saturday night we had a send-off party for Ryan at Mom and Dad's. Sad to see him go, knowing that it will be months between visits now. Made me realize that I've taken it for granted having him living so close for the last few years. We did a quick walk around the Okaview/Viewcrest a 15-minute loop from Mom's, we passed more than 50 burned homes. Much of it looked like a war zone, and the smoke was still thick from the fires burning above Crawford.

We decided to get out of town for a couple of days -- went to visit Angelo and Esther in Chilliwack. It was pretty nice to get out of the smokey valley and out onto the open road. We hadn't taken Ivy on a roadtrip in her two short years, so it was overdue...and she was a trooper. Angelo and I did some fantastic mountain biking in Ledgeview last night -- a really nasty climb that took us to a lookout with Mt.Baker's glaciers looming above us and a clear view down the valley to the ocean, then some of the sweetest singletrack all the way around the mountain on Mixed Bag, Amy Fisher and others. Some ugly dry skidders, but most of it had perfect berms, jumps and logs. The riding around Kelowna has obviously been a problem lately, so it was extra-sweet to be riding again.

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