Sunday, September 28, 2003


We were back at the beach yesterday afternoon. I can't explain why, but the water just sparkles at this time of year. Tannis got this great shot with our new camera -- it would be very hard to replicate that shot with my beloved old manual Minolta. Anyway, it was glorious, and we wished we had gone earlier. Ivy splashed, and I even went for a short swim after walking for hundreds of meters to get to water that was deep enough.

We hit the bird sanctary behind the hospital for a nice walk in the morning and dropped off my creaky old bike for repairs. They didn't have the new Sasquatch in yet, or I probably would have walked out with one. In the evening Pappy came over and ordered pizza, telling us all about his recent Europe trip and impending move to Ontario -- he's pretty hardcore for a 74-year-old dude.