Monday, September 08, 2003


My name is Jeremy, and I'm addicted to spudnuts. Every Saturday morning between about 10:30 and noon, Pioneer Market makes these doughnuts to die for. They're called spudnuts because they blend mashed potatoes into the dough, which sounds a bit gross until you experience the taste sensation. They're just absolutely obscene, containing enough fat and sugar to make me dizzy for at least 10 minutes after I finish one...longer if I have two. My enjoyment of these things is an extension of my New Year's resolution this year, summed up in one simple maxim: no more guilt about food. We've been enjoying The Market this fall as the perfect Saturday morning outing. Awesome fruits and veggies (sunrise apples, peaches, fresh peppers, garden carrots...mmm), fresh multigrain bread, great service, and they've got a little museum upstairs with photos and artifacts from Kelowna's history.

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