Monday, October 13, 2003

Pippi Longstocking

My maritime friend Rob picked up a link I found yesterday about the importance of talking with your young children, and then added a few fascinating bits about how a kid's vocabulary at two can predict later literacy success. Cool and scary if true...

Anyway, this weekend Ivy picked Pippi Longstocking out of our bookshelf and asked me to read it. She's done it before with novels and textbooks and I usually humour her and read a few sentences until she realizes that there are no pictures and she quickly loses interest. But Pippi was different. It's 160 pages and 11 chapters, and we read the whole book together over three days. What fun! We've got some great kid's books that I can read over and over without going too insane, but this felt like a major breakthrough -- imagine being able to read books as fun as Pippi Longstocking all the time.

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