Thursday, November 13, 2003

Avalon Alliance

Our friend Barb is a director of the Avalon Alliance. They've just launched an excellent site, and although I had heard a bit about what they do, the site gives a pretty complete picture of their extensive plans:
"Consulting services and workshops are offered to organizations, government and the general public in fields such as: environmental stewardship, sustainable development, green business, organic agriculture, creative arts, and holistic health and wellness."
I'm most fascinated by the focus on sustainable communities. I didn't realize that Barb's partner Laurel had a background in urban and regional planning, but I've been interested in the field since reading some Jane Jacobs a few years ago. Even the most basic interest in urban planning changes the way you observe and experience cities and communities, making you realize how dysfunctional most urban areas are for people and the environment.

I was reminded of some of the work Rob does with Renew in PEI. I hadn't read through much of his consulting site before tonight, but found myself getting more curious the deeper I went. His vision for a networked future really gets you thinking about possibilities. These are the kind of wonderful people who are able to see past the barriers and obstacles that confine our sense of opportunity.

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