Thursday, February 05, 2004

Back Online

I was suffering minor online withdrawal already, but we finally got our net connection this afternoon. So this will be another hodgepodge post, trying to catch up with photos, mostly:
  • I'm glad we got at least one picture of packing day, which eventually turned into this.
  • Thirty-one years old with two daughters -- who'dda thunk it?
  • Ivy and her mom showing off their moves
  • I was back on Giant's Head Mountain this afternoon, and I wisely brought my snowboard to the top this time. Hiking up 1200 feet of vertical over three kilometers through deep snow in snowboard boots is not generally recommended, but the workout was great...and coming down in the powder was pure bliss. I saw the moon rise and the sun set, enjoying the trees and looking over our part of Summerland (our place is just visible in the bottom right).
  • The townhouse is starting to feel like home. The living room is great, although we've had it in a state of chaos the whole time.
One of my online friends congratulated us on the new place this week and said that the whole thing "vibrates exoticism" to him in suburban Conneticut. I laughed when I read it, thinking that this sleepy little town in the interior of BC is anything but exotic. But when I was carving big swooping s-turns through the powder this afternoon with the mountains to my left, the town down below and the glassy lake stretching out to my right, I was wondering how a life like this is even possible.

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