Thursday, February 26, 2004

Cartwright Mountain

Art at the Bike Barn in Penticton tipped us off that there was an excellent trail network just on the other side of town from where we live, so Tannis and I both checked it out on our bikes this week. It's called Cartwright Mountain, just a few minutes of pedalling past the Beanery.

There's packed snow on the old access roads, which made for fine mountain biking. According to the
map of the area, there's a huge network of jeep roads and trails in the area. We're so excited to be able to get on our bikes at the front door and heading out riding sweet trails without having to load up and drive somewhere first. Art also confirmed the existence of great riding on Giant's Head, right across the road from us. Once he sells me a new bike, I'll be ready for summer in a big way.

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