Sunday, February 08, 2004

Home Stretch

I've become keenly aware that I've only got another week of parental leave left, and it feels more like a vacation than real life...which is great. Ivy's been more social the last week or so. Tannis has had clients with kids over here a couple of times and Gwen brought Hannah over for an excellent play session on Friday. She's been playing really well with new kids, but she does seem to get frustrated when they want to get busy doing stuff, rather than discussing everything before, during and after.

I hiked up Giant's Head again yesterday morning. I realize this will start to sound boring and meaningless to everyone else, but it makes me so happy that I feel I should record it, if for no other reason than to remind myself to get my butt back up there when I'm busy and working again. The climb in the sunshine is so beautiful and exhausting, and the ride down is exhilarating. I got a photo of a nice turn track from earlier in the week, and took some video of the beginning of the descent. Myron's joining me for another run this afternoon.

In the afternoon yesterday, we all walked over to the library and museum. The curator at the museum ran the model railroad for us and explained some of Summerland's history -- the town's centennial is in 2006. We also saw an old bicycle from 1905 with rear suspension in the frame and a sprung seat -- not exactly new technology.

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