Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Good With the Bad

Updates have certainly been infrequent here. I'm realizing that this journal tends to present the positive slice of our life, because it seems lame to complain online, but it's not really honest if it makes it look like everything's all good all the time.

This week has been less than ideal, with most of us fighting colds (Tannis), teeth (Ella), slivers and wasp stings (Ivy) and back trouble (me). Monday was our worst day in a long time. Ella was refusing to sleep at night, then screamed and whined most of the day. Then all of our patience gets stretched thin and none of us get along very well. I get greedy with my time, Tannis gets sick from lack of sleep and Ivy responds by raising the volume and frequency of her demands for all the things she knows she can't have.

In sharp contrast, our weekend was stellar -- is this the consequence of our work-a-day lives? We started the project to overhaul our hilariously tiny backyard and I didn't outright hate the "obligations" of homeownership. Of course I would have rather been riding or lounging or whatever, but it was very tangible work with fairly satisfying results.

And I did get to ride on Sunday, after an amazing warm morning on the beach. Some brave souls even swam at Sunoka, but we were content to wade around up to our knees, play in the sand and lie in the sun. Stupidly forgot to bring the camera. The weather has been unbelievable, helping facilitate our daily relaxing outside and picnics. Ella's really loving the sunshine.

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