Friday, April 23, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up

It's been a busy week. We bombed down to Vancouver on the weekend for my conference and squeezed in lots of other stuff down there too. Two short visits with Angelo and Esther weren't really enough, but Angelo and I got to go for an awesome ride on Vedder Mountain, which has some amazing trailbuilding going on with some big, smooth jumps and scary drops.

The hotel was nice enough and cheap for Vancouver. Ivy hit the pool every day and they even had a playroom for kids. Mark and Joel made us a feast at their place off Granville and we watched the Canucks take Game 6. We walked (not a great photo, but look how delighted Ivy is to be with her uncle) down to Granville Island to see the sights and cruised by the bobblehead billboard. It was one of those warm coastal nights with soft orange light and not a breath of wind.

The drives were uneventful, but the tunnel on the Cocquihalla always thrills Ivy. When we got back, Plett and Heather came over to check out our new place and watch the Canucks get eliminated in OT after tying it up with five seconds left in regulation. On Tuesday I had the day off, so we went to Shaughnessy's for lunch and did some wine-tasting at Sumac Ridge before heading up to Myron and Tracey's for supper. It was starting to feel like a houseful of kids.

On Wednesday afternoon, I picked Milt up at the airport and brought him to our place for a quick ride up and down Giant's Head. My folks came out to see him and help out with our chaotic household. After a pretty healthy winter, we're all fighting a cold this week, which isn't helping matters. Last night we were at the beach enjoying the warmth. Ivy was pushing Ella on the swing and coaching her to swing her legs back and forth. Ella was jammed into the swing so that it would have been difficult to do anything with her legs, but Ivy expected more: "Daddy, Ella only goes forth!"

We've been busy with the camera again. A few more random shots from the past few days: