Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Catch Up

Writing a journal is a bit like working out...after a while, if you miss enough workouts (or journal entries), you just stop because it seems sort of insurmountable. I'm swamped. We're launching a new product at work this week, I'm studying for an assignment in my masters course in educational research, and trying to fit some real life in around all of that. Meanwhile it's 37 degrees outside and not much cooler inside -- the downside of working from home, I suppose...but we've managed to hit the beach pretty much every day in the past week.

Our home computer is still dead. Replaced the motherboard and chip only to find out that the hard drive is absolutely hooped, which means we probably lost a few years of e-mails, photos and projects. That's one of the reasons I haven't been uploading photos for a while, but this week I loaded some into my laptop:
  • Not sure why I'm so excited about living in a desert, but we have a cactus colony living just up the hill from us. We transplanted a little one into a hot corner of our now-completed backyard a few weeks ago.
  • Ella is crawling this week. Well, it's a sort of shuffle crawl that couldn't be considered efficient, but it gets her around. She also had a nasty fever that seemed to follow her first round of shots from last week. That made her quite unhappy, but she's still been thrilled about the beach these days.
  • The wildflowers on the mountains around town have been amazing for weeks. We got lots of rain at the end of May, and then the sun really started blasting. The saskatoon berries on Giant's Head are looking outrageous, and the local cherries look to be a bumper crop.
  • Ivy is a going concern. When people ask me how she's doing, I usually say something like, "she's really intense". I don't really know other kids her age, so I'm never sure what to say. She keeps us very busy with her big questions and imaginary worlds.

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