Monday, June 28, 2004


We were antisocial this weekend, basically keeping to ourselves and shunning the outside world. Took some photos, though, and I'll post some more from the past week or so:
  • For whatever reason, the north slope of Giant's Head Mountain appears to be a prime ecosystem for saskatoon berries. Ivy and I did a couple of quick picking sessions on the hillside behind our place and got two good-sized bowls, along with the handfuls that we ate from the bushes. They're wild blueberry-style berries with an earthy, sweet flavour and seeds that are slightly bitter. I've been loving them, but Tannis thinks they taste like wretch.
  • We've developed a weakness for a fish 'n chips place in Summerland: Cozy Bay Seafood Cafe. It's fun, with a hodgepodge of ocean-themed decorations and kid-friendly toys and books. At least once a week I get a craving.
  • We did a roadtrip yesterday morning down to Keremeos, the "Fruit Stand Capital of Canada" because Ella had us all up early and we couldn't think of anything else to do. We visited the CBC's South Okanagan headquarters, walked by the river, and played on numerous playgrounds, before hitting a kitschy bear-themed fruit stand for a snack. On the way back, we took beautiful Hwy.31, which goes past Apex Mountain Resort.
  • Ivy's muddy hands

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