Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Current Favourite Tunes

The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Shoot...this one went dead. I added Still in Love by the Stills as a capable replacement with a great '80s new-wave vibe...but I'm bummed about losing that Postal Service tune.

The Transplants - California Babylon
These guys make hilarious music...very upbeat with lots of energy. The "woo-hoos" in this one always make me smile.

The Russian Futurists - A Telegram From The Future
Great band name, I thought. I have no idea how you'd classify this music, but it's really fun and well-crafted. The bouncy intro alone will hook you.

Lake Trout - I Was Wrong
Nobody likes admitting when they're wrong. This one channels a bit of Radiohead, perhaps, with an interesting mix of sounds and unique vocals.

The Blam - Various Disgraces
The happiest song in this bunch, it has a sort of Brady Bunch feel. The harmonies really make it work, sounding a bit like Weezer if they turned down the amps and relaxed.

Ill Lit - In the Thick
A haunting, mellow acoustic song with vulnerable singing and nice backups. Perfect moody music, but still hopeful.

Bishop Allen - Busted Heart
The most interesting tune here. You'll get used to the hillbilly and a bunch of girls yelling "did ya ever think?" at each other in the chorus, and it's so worth it to experience the beautiful sounds in the verse.

Communique - Evaporate
I've got a weakness for good old-school organ work in a pop song -- this one is a master of the genre. It could have been a hit in 1984, but with way more class.

Sh├Ądel - Kid You Killed
No singing here, but the repeated movie sample meshes beautifully with the haunting music.

Listen to these tunes as a streaming playlist, or download the ones that look interesting.

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