Saturday, August 28, 2004

End of Summer

After weeks (months) of heat in the mid-to-high 30s, we finally got a break last week. Cool, wet weather with clouds shielding us from the solar onslaught. I'm only being slightly melodramatic. I wish we still had our digital camera, because I'd love to post some photos from the last month...but it's still getting fixed. Some nice moments that pop into my head:
  • We hiked two sections of the Trans-Canada Trail last week. The first one was a rugged section out past Myron and Tracey's place, really in the boonies and very beautiful alongside Trout Creek. Later in the week we did our usual walk to the gazebo overlooking Prairie Valley. After threatening to dripple on us, the clouds cleared off and lit up Giant's Head Mountain behind us. On the way back to the car, we heard a pack of coyotes yelping and howling. Eerie and wonderful.
  • I've been doing some work on my "backyard" jump trail again. Tonight I decided to ride it a couple of times instead of dragging Ivy and a shovel up there and it's working really well. Four little kickers and some new trail to link them up in a very fun way. As I was walking up for my second run, I got to watch a huge owl swoop down between the trees.
  • ...and lots more stuff. Need sleep badly.

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