Saturday, August 28, 2004

Film Anti-Buffs

We are so uncreative with our entertainment. Chalk it up to parental exhaustion, or maybe too much time spent watching The Magic School Bus, Rolie Polie Olie and all the other three-year-old fare. In the past month, we escaped into some movies, which is rare for us because two of our family members have a seven-minute attention span, and we usually collapse into bed shortly after they go to sleep. But we did manage to free up some time for some...umm..."film" experiences.

So what did we do with our precious 30 hours of life force? We chose to watch popcorn-friendly fare, mostly movies that we had already seen. I can hear Esther shuddering 350 kilometers away. Our choices, all in the most-watched-of-all-time lists:
  • The entire Lord of the Rings series yet again, with extended versions when possible. In our defense, we had only seen Return of the King once in the theater, so we really, really needed to see the DVD, which Myron graciously lent us. I watched my favourite scenes many times over, often late at night when I should have been sleeping, especially the final charge of the Rohirrim, and the beginning of the seige of Gondor. Wonderful.
  • The whole Matrix series. I really loved the first one, laughing hysterically through the over-the-top action sequences and digging the discussions of destiny, but the second one sucked so bad that we just hadn't ever bothered to see the final installment. So we rented Reloaded again to get back into the groove (even worse the second time), then dove into Revolutions hoping for some resolution to the story. We had been warned that it was not a satisfactory ending to the trilogy, which helped us enjoy it a bit more than if our expectations had been high. It was certainly worth watching for a few outstanding scenes, but the grim darkness of it depressed me and some of the scenes were so pathetic that it pretty much negated the good stuff.
  • We had followed a similar pattern with the new Star Wars installments -- after the disappointment of Episode 1, we didn't go see Attack of the Clones. We finally rented it a couple of weeks ago and sort of got into it again, watching the entire original trilogy immediately after and actually caring about going to see Episode 3 next summer. Not that Episode 2 was that good, but despite how cheesy most of it was, it did rekindle our interest.
Tonight I went into the video store to return a kids' movie with the girls and wandered around trying to find something we might enjoy that they might also tolerate. No luck. Any suggestions from out there in Web land?

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