Monday, August 30, 2004


My mom has invented a sort of writing workshop with Ivy lately. She shows Ivy a picture on the screen, then asks her to describe what she sees. Mom types it all in and then they print out a bunch of these short stories into very cool little anthologies. Here is a sample of a three-year-old's storytelling, after seeing the picture of the mammoth above. She calls it The Mammal.

"He’s kinda thundering towards me. He looks kinda angry and kind of happy at the same time. What is between happy and mad? You know what I think he’s stepping on? I think there’s a sandwich and then maybe that mammal is stepping on an ice cream sandwich. You know how I can tell that? Because his paws are squishing on the ground. Whatever it is he’s stamping on, he’s making big scrunches in the middle. Maybe he’s going with his herd. You know what would make a big smoke? Lots and lots of those big creatures. That would make a big cloud of that smoke. Imagine how tall it would be and how poofy. That would also make a lot of noise and that time, people would think there was a thunderstorm, but there wouldn’t be. The sun was up and there’s big things clomping on the ground."

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