Monday, September 06, 2004

Fall Mountain Biking Season

You'd think I would have learned my lesson last fall -- last week I took my first big crash of the season on my jump run. There's a steep approach that speeds you toward a little rise and a small wooden ramp that kicks me into the air, maybe 15 or 20 feet out and three or four feet off the ground. I had jumped it a half-dozen times already and was feeling a bit cocky, I guess, because I hit it with way more speed and really launched. I even landed it ok, but too flat, so the suspension rebounding pitched me off pretty hard. Luckily, no injuries, and I was back on the jumps two days later.

This afternoon, Tannis dropped me off on Three Valley Lakes Road and I circumnavigated Cartwright Mountain. It's a great cross-country ride, with not much climbing or steep descending, but great views and some nice mellow singletrack. This time of year is ideal for riding, because the temperature is perfect. Aside from having to McGyver my brakes to make it home (switching front and back pads when the back ones disintegrated), I was pretty stoked and started looking forward to doing some more exploring in that area -- apparently the big loop out there is something like 40kms long.

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