Sunday, September 19, 2004

Hot Springs Tourists

Kaslo Bay
Larry and Pearl have been telling us for years that we've got to go to Ainsworth Hot Springs in the Kootenays, and we finally made it there this weekend with my folks. The rain and steam made for excellent soaking but not such great photos, unfortunately. The pools were really busy, but we saw a stellar rainbow over the lake and the girls were amazing for almost two hours there. I also forgot to take a few pictures at the Borscht Bowl in Grand Forks on the way and the Rock Cut Pub outside of my favourite town Rossland on the way back home...but I took a bunch of touristy shots from the rest of the road trip.

We stayed at a great bed and breakfast in Kaslo. The owners run a small bike-repair shop out of the basement of their comfy home and made us awesome pancakes this morning. Most of us toured an old passenger steamer that they've turned into a museum in Kaslo. It wasn't super-exciting, but interesting enough, and somehow yielded some great pictures:We had an excellent supper at the Rosewood Cafe in Kaslo after boiling in the hot springs -- the place even had a toy room for the girls, which they dutifully turned into chaos, and local Nelson Brewing After Dark for daddy.

Before lunchtime, we spent a bit of time in Nelson. The highlight was probably the Oso Negro Cafe for some excellent coffee. Photos from there: Grandma and Ivy, Ella and Grandpa. We had hoped to eat at Idgies in Rossland on the way back, but it was closed and most of the town was pretty quiet. Ella got thoroughly sick of the car with about 150kms left to go, reminding us why we don't go on more road trips. And now we sleep...

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