Sunday, September 26, 2004

Last Weekend in September

We're finally getting our usual warm September weather and everyone seems to be taking advantage of it after weeks of cool and wet. This photo is a semi-cheesy self-timer shot on one of my rides on Rattlesnake Mountain -- I've been mostly riding by myself, so I don't have any other recent photos of me on my bike.

This morning I made pancakes and then later on I hiked out to our favourite spot on the Trans-Canada Trail with Ivy and Ella while Tannis climbed her bike up Conkle Mountain above us. She joined us for a pizza picnic before walking back with us.

This afternoon I explored the Riddle Road trail network near Penticton. It was truly beautiful in there, with views across the lake to Giant's Head, a bubbling creek and lots of big old ponderosa pines. The trails were mostly mellow singletrack with easy climbs and simple, fun descents. As soon as I got back, we all went up to Scherzinger and had some wine, grapes (picked from vines above our heads) and cheese on the patio. Meanwhile, Tannis had lasagna roll-ups baking in the oven -- good livin'.

Yesterday we enjoyed the sparkly autumn water at the beach -- it's getting pretty chilly, but still nice enough to swim a bit...and we felt somewhat guilty for not helping my folks move into their winter rental home. We brought food for everyone later in a lame attempt to make ammends.

We've also been marvelling at the fall crops coming in, especially the pumpkins and apples (apparently a bumper crop this year). And finally, two random shots of Ivy from the last few days: riding her bike in the curling rink with her Puddle Jumpers friends, and trying some field hockey at the toddler park.

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