Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Someone took a photo from a plane flying right over Penticton that shows both Summerland and Kelowna. Since I have to drive to the office tomorrow, I'm thinking that I should be commuting by boat -- this version shows my house (red star) and my office (yellow star) and the immense distance in between.

In sharp contrast to tomorrow's drive and Dilbert-like existence in an office tower, I spent the most of the first part of today's workday at the local coffee shop and library, where I get way, way more done than I will in the cubicle. As I was walking uptown this morning, I met Myron dropping Elijah off on his way to work and thought how odd (and nice) it is to be living in the same small town with a guy I was in Grade 2 with in another small town 2000 kilometers away.


Lisa said...

So you're not really enjoying cube life in the new building? Cubes really are Dilbertian, and are sort of a strange way to approach workspace, really.

Jeremy said...

Hey Lisa, long time no see. The cube is only lame because too many of my picnic mates have left! Not that there's anywhere to have a picnic any more.

I actually don't mind going into the office. Two days a week is just about right -- any less and I think I'd feel a bit too disconnected.

Calgary treating you ok?

Lisa said...

We DID have some fabulous picnics, didn't we? I really enjoyed that little back yard and trees behind the old building. Also the conversation. :)

Calgary is treating me pretty great! It's been a very mild winter for my first here, and all else is pretty darned good.

Jeremy said...

Indeed, those first sunny picnic days were fantastic each year, and most that came later in the season too.

Congrats on the new job -- sounds posh.