Thursday, March 10, 2005

Early Spring

I love these weeks where it's ten degrees warmer than the normal. It felt like we had our sunniest February ever, but it was mostly cool. Now we're starting to imagine that summer is just around the corner.

In Kona Stinky news, Pat at Kelowna Cycle gave me excellent service this week, replacing my entire rear wheel, tuning everything up for spring, and finally getting Marzocchi to fix my fork up properly...all I had to pay was one-way freight to Vancouver ($15) for the whole package. Now to get out there and do some riding...


Anonymous said...

You were bitter about that wheel when we last saw each other. Glad to hear it worked out in the end.


Jeremy said...

Thanks, Jay. I went for a glorious sunny ride up Giant's Head on my lunch break today and was completely psyched -- the fork is working way better than it ever did.

Lungs and legs were seriously hurting, though.