Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Rollin' into March

I uploaded some photos last week to Flickr, then forgot to link to them. Mostly photos of the kids, so click in if that's your cup of tea.

We had a sunny picnic at the Ornamental Gardens (which has a surprisingly great site), and I even got to lie down on a bench for a rest. Right in the background of that last photo you can see the top of the mountain we live on poking up. Contrary to the popular east view of the Giant's Head as Summerland's landmark, a closeup of the south view offers a much more convincing stone giant.

Anyway, the girls ran and explored and sat around, generally enjoying the mellow weather we've been having.

Artsy Ivy also drew this fascinating diagram of our family last week. She's connected each of us with a line to a central heart to show that we all love each other. I thought it was a pretty abstract (and cool) way to illustrate a concept.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you loved the Ornamental Gardens. Stephen and I got married there one rather soggy September long weekend almost five years ago now. After the ceremony we hiked back to the greenhouses for the reception -- by trekking under the fence (yep, in my wedding dress) and over the as-of-yet unfenced trestle. I'll show you the photos one of these days.

Jeremy said...

It's an enchanted spot! My mom claims that it's one of her favourite places in the whole world. Awesome place for a wedding, even with so-so weather -- would love to see the photos.