Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Happy Birthday to It (again)

I've had no time to update the site lately. I feel like I've missed writing about so many things by now that it hardly pays to try to capture them, but I'm always glad for these little notes later. Happy second birthday to the headspacej blog this week.

Tannis and I had a great date yesterday. We got to go mountain biking together for a change, so we headed out to the Three Blind Mice area across the lake, above the Naramata Bench. Beautiful trails, a rushing creek, and my favourite riding partner. Later, we hit the wine bar at the Heritage Inn in Naramata for some gourmet pizza, local beverages and other good munchies. Pretty deluxe. Thanks to my folks for taking the girls on their Penticton adventure to Loco Landing.


Heather said...

You're making me miss the Okanagan!! I'm stuck in a hotel room in Las Vegas using the highspeed internet connection like a gambler uses a slot machine & I could really use some fresh air & exercise!!
SOunds like a great day.

Jeremy said...

The grass is greener? You're missing the comforts of home, and I'm sitting here jealously following your adventure across the continent!

The addiction parallels between slot machines and blogs probably deserve to be investigated by some hapless PhD student at some point.

That Naramata bench really is a special spot. I was trying to hatch some kind of a cornball plan for running a water taxi between the new resort in Summerland's Lowertown and Naramata...of only to be able to go there more often.

Heather said...

Happy birthday to your blog Jer! I do miss the frequent posts and pics - but I'm sure we will find a time to catch up again someday.