Sunday, May 29, 2005

Photo Hodgepodge

Since my memory is terrible and I can't seem to update this often enough to even cover the most irrelent broad trends in our lives, you're stuck with some random photos from the past couple of weeks.
  • rare decent photo of me, taken by Tannis at UBC
  • Tannis and Mark walking on the driftwood near Wreck Beach
  • my utilitarian bike for spinning around town, an investment of a hundred bucks that has brought me much happiness
  • Ivy's photos are getting better and better -- her ability to learn by taking hundreds of free pictures is yet another benefit of the digital age
  • Tannis and I forgot the camera on our date ride in Naramata, but I did get a photo from the same area on my other ride there this weekend, with Summerland friend David
  • The weather's been smoking hot, sending us into the lake to cool off -- I had my first real swim after my ride on Cartwright this morning at Peach Orchard and then again at Sunoka this afternoon.
  • We hit Powell Beach the other day too, making some tracks in the sand
  • Ella is a total character, and Ivy has been mostly angelic
  • Grandpa Hiebert with his favourite people
One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much is that I've been ridiculously busy with work, but we finished the design components of the project last week, so I'm back to regular working time. Celebration. That doesn't explain why I'm typing at two in the morning, though. I'm on vacation this week, which is making me lazy and happy. We started this looong weekend with a picnic on Friday night, bringing some tasty stuff up to Scherzinger to enjoy with a bottle of their wine. Gorgeous evening, grape arbour above, vineyards stretching out across the is good.


Heather said...

I'm so jealous that you guys have nice enough weather to be at the beach. I don't what we've done to deserve this awful weather, but we are truly hoping to have a summer yet this year. Love the pics of Ivy & Ella!

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Heather. It seemed like you guys were getting some decent weather earlier this spring, but then it just fizzled. It's been cool and wet here for a few days now soon as we got out-of-town guests, it turned sour! Murphy's Law, I guess.