Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Minstrel

As I had hoped, we did get to see Christine Fellows at the Minstrel in Kelowna. It was an odd show -- the Minstrel is more of a restaurant than a music venue, and Christine's music is very focused and intense...not really dinner accompaniment. She said she felt like she was interrupting everyone's mealtime, and there were probably diners there who didn't come to listen. We came for the music, and the "show" was free as long as you ate, so we chowed down too.

Despite the weird scene for live music, the show was excellent. They played some of my favourites, including Veda's Waltz, Face Down Feet First, and (I think) Regrets. Christine's voice was great, and Barry (drummer) kicked in admirably when required. Fellow Southern Manitoban and Mennonite super-cellist Leanne Zacharias played beautifully and turned out to be as likeable in person as she seemed on stage. After the show they all sat with us for a while and chatted. They talked about their ridiculous road schedule (Edmonton the night before, Kelowna, then the Sunshine Coast the night after) and asked us about the Okanagan.

Sample song: Souvenirs (mp3)

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