Wednesday, September 21, 2005

September Tunes

I still occasionally add new songs to my favourite Webjay playlist -- it's a fairly accurate representation of the kinds of things I'm listening to while tethered to the laptop. Some of the best ones on the current list...first, three more rockin' and then three mellow beauties:
  • Phantom Planet -- Know it All (mp3) -- perhaps my favourite song this week, the one combines a mellow verse with an 80s bassline like The Cure with a dark anthem of a chorus that gives me goosebumps
  • Pinback -- AFK (mp3) -- an odd mid-tempo tune that meanders along with mellow thoughtfulness, then builds up to a thumping crescendo with quirky chanted vocals that keeps me coming back for more
  • Catlow -- Number One (mp3) -- a rollicking, slick rocker with a fun vibe and a great girlie vocals, reminiscent of the Breeders at their best
  • Stuart Matthewman -- Title Theme (Thai Lullaby) (mp3) -- a mellow, haunting song with a wonderful sort of Eastern chant that carries the whole thing with ease
  • Andrew Bird -- Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left (mp3) -- quirky, catchy piece from an artist who manages to sing, whistle and play the violin, usually at least two at the same time...this is odd genius
  • Rose Melberg -- Golden Gate Bridge (mp3) -- our good Summerland friend Rose has a huge following all over the place, and apparently especially in Japan...this beautiful song shows why

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