Monday, September 26, 2005

Weird Week

Isn't this shot of Ella kind of cool? I love the light. We met the Hildebrands at Dirty Laundry Vineyard on Saturday and admired the huge bunches of grapes hanging on the vines. If the bird bombs hadn't been firing like cannons every five minutes, it would have been a little more relaxing. It was a still a highlight in a grouchy Saturday for me -- my only excuse is that I was fighting a bit of a cold. Even the grand opening (actually a rebranding and renovation) celebration of our local grocery store (with a decent band of all things) didn't seem to cheer me up.

We hit Penticton on Thursday night to meet the Duecks and see some university-level men's volleyball. On the way, we got supper and a milkshake at the Elite Restaurant, a mainstay downtown since 1927. It's...odd. Decent simple food, good service and very weird '60s ('70s?) decor. Unfortunately, our favourite book shop was closed by the time we got there.

Friday after work I picked up Angelo at The Grand and we braved the punishing climb up McDougal Rim. Our camera is clearly dying, as shown in this shot of me at the upper lake. The singletrack descent on the way down to thelookout halfway down is one of the most fun sections of trail I've ever ridden. We just beat the sunset, then treated ourselves to a few pints of local Black Widow Ale and outrageous ravioli at La Cucina. Ridiculously fun five hours.

Sunday my parents (angels) called in the morning and offered to take the girls out to all their favourite spots in Penticton. Tannis and I celebrated our afternoon of freedom by going for a ride together, which is quite rare these days, then lounging for a couple of hours in the sunshine on the patio eating nachos and drinking beer and just being buddies -- awesome.

Tonight Tan completed a serious cleaning rampage while I made some excellent plum jam. Newly-potty-trained Ella oscillated between serene reading to herself and wild crying and shrieking over nothing in particular. Ivy painted a masterpiece and helped her mom tidy up. An absolutely riveting account of a spellbinding Monday night with the Hieberts, I realize. And I'm sure you realize that nobody forces you to read this mundane rambling.


Chris said...

Of course no one forces me to's gripping in its own right. And once you get to know this remarkable family, it becomes a pleasure to keep up with its gyrations through the world!

Jeremy said...

Gripping? Now I know you're being at least a little sarcastic.
: )

Thanks for the note. We'll keep the gyrations going...

Heather said...

I'm totally into reading your blog - if only to have a glimpse into a regular old Hiebert evening. I do love the pic of Ella - it's awesome. And thanks for reminding me of the Elite. Ryan and I have had breakfast there a couple of times when we've been out. I think it will remain a tradition.

Jeremy said...

I didn't know you guys were Elite regulars, Heather. That's cool.

Glad you like the glimpses into a Monday night. I've found that these mundane posts seem pointless in the moment, but I really appreciate them a year or two later when I'm reading older stuff.