Saturday, December 24, 2005

Greenish-Brown Christmas

So we've had a solid month of winter, with enough snow on the ground that I had already switched from mountain biking to hockey. But take a look at the Christmas weather forecast! As nice as it would be to have a snowy holiday, it's been great to walk uptown without bundling up the kids. We've had a few days of wet, warm weather that has killed all the snow at lower elevations, and even the mountain tops around town are starting to look snow-free. Time to get the Stinky tuned up again!


Jason said...

We've been in Abbotsford for 4 days now, and it's been pouring rain the whole time. The weather channel has had a heavy rainfall warning in effect for the whole lower mainland for the whole time we were here.

It really makes me glad that I don't live here anymore. Really glad. Who needs this? Although, it's not brown here, that's for sure. Green, green, green... blah.

Jeremy said...

Pouring rain=bad