Saturday, December 03, 2005

Grey Cup

Forgot to mention last week what a great time we had at Myron and Tracey's for our annual Grey Cup party. No, we don't follow football at all. In fact, my family has never paid attention to the CFL, but we used to have a group of families back in Manitoba who got together every year for a Grey Cup party and it was always excellent. I have fond memories of skating on ponds in the coldest years, some years playing in the snow, and in the odd warm year riding dirt bikes.

One of my funniest motorcycle crashes came at one of those parties when the Dyck's enormous St. Bernard completely took out me and Sam on their little Z50 when we were already much too big to be riding it (I fully expect Ryan to correct my version of this story, and his memory is much better on these details). Sometimes I wonder what ever became of those kids we grew up with -- Sam & Nathan, Charlotte & Bonnie -- seems likely that they turned out to be wonderful grown-ups.

There's something about the time of year that makes it feel festive to get together with friends to eat, drink and be merry. Cozy warm inside and chilly outside. I'm quite proud that I've managed to convince Tannis to continue my mom's old tradition of making chocolate eclairs for Grey Cup each year -- this year they were mostly missing bottoms for some unknown reason, but they were still obscenely good. The kids were good, and we all got to witness Elijah falling asleep in his high chair in the middle of eating supper. In the end, the game itself was very entertaining, going into overtime with all kinds of action. A classic Canadian tradition, I suppose, and we feel pretty lucky to have our own version of it.


Heather said...

Sounds like good times.

Ang said...

A St. Bernard chasing an over-grown boy on a dirt bike! Okay that's funny.
I don't think you need to know a thing about football to enjoy a grey cup par-tay. I've never been to one. Well, unless you include the annual going to my grandma's and spitt'n zotes with my forever bachelor uncle! In that case I've been to too many.

Jeremy said...

HA haha...and a tiny little mini-bike at that. The dog was two or three times as big as the motorcycle.

I think spitting zotes with the bachelor uncle on Grey Cup day is a valid party experience. Altona and sunflower seeds are sort of inseperable, aren't they?