Thursday, December 15, 2005


Ella painted this abstract picture last night (she judges it as "beeyooteefo"), and Ivy produced a terrifying monster, which she named GLG. It has the usual scary mouth and single eyeball, but she also explained in great detail how some of the red sections were "red blood cells" that pump blood through tubes under the surface so it can be sprayed at horrified victims through those tiny tubes on top of its head. Yikes.

I also scanned in this (archaic film) photo from later in summer of the two sisters -- I just love it -- and a clipping of the girls from the Penticton paper. The photographer caught us at the last farmer's market of the year back around Halloween and couldn't get Ella to smile next to those creepy pumpkins.


Ang said...

Your blog is so cool, I really enjoy it. Thanks for posting all these goodies.

Jeremy said...

Thx for the kind words, Ang. You may be my biggest blogfan.

Heather said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic of the girls together! Ivy's monster is amazing, and I'm quite impressed with Ella's imagination too.

Jeremy said...

Hey Heather, sorry, I never got this comment in my e-mail inbox...just stumbled across it today.

Thanks for the kind words. I also LOVE that photo of the girls. It makes me think that I:
a) need to scan in more of my film photos
b) take more photos with my old film SLR
c) bite the bullet in a big way and get a kick-ass digital SLR that can take great photos like this one

Ivy's creativity is fun to watch -- she's always got these complex stories surrounding her paintings. Ella's still working on getting the water-paint-paper sequence in the right order, but the results seem to be nice enough.