Wednesday, January 25, 2006


There's something about this old photo that encapsulates the idealized view I have of my childhood at times. It's a shot I took in 1988 (I think), showing Ryan launching out of the ditch near our house and throwing in some style for good measure -- it also captures a bit of his spirit, I think, and that big sky reminds me of the total freedom we had out there on the prairie.


Garth said...

Great shot Jer! You are right - gotta love big blue skies! We've had some wild warm weather this year here in the Prairies and the result is more grey days - we saw the sun today though!

Jeremy said...

cold 'n clear
overcast 'n warm

I'd like a mix throughout the winter. We've had a surprisingly sunny January this year, but in the usual gloomy winter doldrums, we really do miss the prairie sunshine (even with the cold that usually comes with it).