Monday, February 06, 2006

33 on February 3

When I was giving this weekend's photos filenames, I chose "tooclose33" for this one. When you're feeling old, don't let your kids take photos of you from this close up -- seeing this one forced me to believe that laugh lines and crow's feet are great signs of character.

Aging angst aside (tempered by getting I.D.'d a few weeks ago), I had an outstanding birthday. Sushi lunch with a friend from work, and then Myron and Tracey joined us at my parents' place for my favourite supper feast (thai squash soup and wraps with outrageous peanut sauce), along with the last bottle of Dirty Laundry Gewurtztraminer Mom and Dad had been saving. We even got to watch the third period of the Canucks game while devouring my requested dessert -- chocoloate cake rolled up with whipped cream inside and chocolate glaze outside. Elijah and Ella obligingly fell asleep early, freeing us up to hang out and laugh till late. Later on I spent an hour going through old photo albums, immersing myself in nostalgia and reflecting on lives well spent.

Waking up at your folks' place is always a treat, isn't it? We lounged around and got a slow start, eventually heading over to Mission Creek Park for a hike and play session. Ran into Ivy's best old friend Mahaila at the playground, to their great joy and we hit the upscale Taco Time Cantina in our old 'hood for lunch before heading back to Summerland. Hockey Night in Canada at Myron and Tracey's later on was a perfect cap to the day, despite the Oilers (somehow, inexplicably MT's favourite team right now) beating the 'nucks in a real sleeper of a game.


Heather said...

I love wrinkles. I think they are so beautiful. When I see an old man or lady with lots of wrinkles around their eyes and mouth, I think "Wow, they laughed and smiled throughout their life, how awesome".

Jeremy said...

For sure...and I'm realizing that they are also a good reality check; a reminder that we don't stay young forever.

Chris said...

Hey man...happy BD. I'm a big wrinkle fan too, even have a picture on my homepage ( which shows some of those laugh lines.

I notice my first grey hair in 1994, two minutes fter Peter Forsberge scored the shoot out goal that beat Canada in the Olympics. I've actually been cherishing each new one I have found since then, and look forward to the day when I have a grey beard and a white braid.

It's not about staying young I think, but being fully present to your body and age right now. THe numbers themselves don't mean anything...I forget my age all the times (a sign of getting older!) but I'm fascinated with how my body changes over time. Seeing old photos of mylife reminds me that I live within a body and I am a body and that it's a flat out miracle that chemicals should come together in such a way to give my sould a home for a while.

So enjoy it...and celebrate more!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for this wise note, Chris. Forsberg can indeed cause premature aging and other stresses for opposing fans.

I'm turning over your words in my mind, especially "fully present to your body and age"'s a lesson I've been learning (and relearning) since Ivy arrived four years ago. And yes, celebrating our lives more is always a good idea.

I wrote "...reflecting on lives well spent", which perhaps seems too mortal, dark or backward-looking, but I was definitely reflecting in a celebratory space, marvelling at the richness and depth of life.

mamapearl said...

Sounds like an ideal way to celebrate your birthday. Funny thing, we commented on your birthday about the 33 on the 3rd. I hear you about the reflection on your life especially on "milestone" birthdays. I cannot yet appreciate each grey hair and still choose to keep it all one colour! The upcoming 60th birthday is causing significant reflecting and planning for another phase, thinking about what else has been put on the back burner too long. It's good to have these reminders along the way.

Jeremy said...

Yes, it really was ideal -- I said to my mom later that I had felt so loved, which is always good.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on grey hairs and reflection. We're so glad to have great models like you guys ahead of us on the age curve.

Jess said...

Oh! You are Old! Just thinking about you guys and thought I'd catch up. Happy Birthday! Your girls are so lovely!


Jeremy said...

Jess! Thanks for dropping in. We're overdue for an e-mail exchange again...

Yes, the girls are lovely indeed, and I am certainly capital "O" Old.