Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunny Sunday

As we started walking onto the sand, Ivy suddenly ran toward the water like she was meeting an old friend. That's how we all felt on Sunday afternoon at Sunoka for a couple of hours, getting a little taste of summer in early February. We lounged on the sand in our hoodies and ate our snacks in warm sunshine. It felt like about 15 degrees, but was probably closer to ten. I couldn't stop snapping photos because the light and reflections in the lake were so beautiful, and the girls were frolicking so happily:I squeezed in a ride up to the top of Giant's Head before dark, and the lake was still that calm, but with orangey-pink light reflecting off the few clouds floating by.


Heather said...

Mmmmmmm... looks relaxing and serene.

Jeremy said...

It really, so mellow. In fact more relaxing than in summer because nobody's tempted to go in the water, so we didn't have to watch the kids so closely...and basically nobody else there to crowd out the illusion that it was our personal beach.

Cyn said...

What a photo! It reminds me a pic of my daughter in the BVI. She was 20 years old and venturing down a steep road with the ocean in her forefront. As if to say, "I'm on my see the world".

This is a special picture Jeremy.

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Cyn. Yes, you've nailed it -- it is like she's running to meet the future. I wonder if it will be one of those that gets shown in teary wedding slideshows 20+ years from now.