Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Friesen Week

Tannis has a nice wrap-up post from her folks' excellent visit out here. I thought I'd add a few more photos to mix -- the camera was making the rounds, so I'm not sure who took each one:
  • our little family joined the whole clan at the Ramada for a night, which facilitated several trips into the outdoor hot tub.
  • Pearl's birthday supper at Theo's was a highlight for sure -- what a great Greek place. The light was more like this in real and the food was fantastic.
  • Grandma Pearl spent an unreal amount of time with the girls, creating hundreds (literally) of moments like this one with Ella. Papa Larry kept them busy too, and I got to see them occasionally.
  • Ella is wicked cute.
  • It was awesome having Mark out for the weekend too...he's the dapper fellow in the photo at the top of this post if you don't know him.
Overall, it seemed to be a successful visit. I did my own thing once in awhile, working on my thesis, helping the Hildebrands move all day Saturday and cycling up to Myron's (40 minutes up, 25 minutes down) for a kick-ass beer-sampling session on Sunday. We had weird weather, ranging between full-on snowstorm and 10-degree sunshine, but it was cold and windy in Winnipeg, so the visitors didn't seem to mind.

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Heather said...

Thanks for the great pics Jer!