Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

Super social weekend! We got a non-grandparent babysitter Friday night for the first time in our family's short history -- actually we got two sitters for our kids and the Hildebrands' girls, so the grown-ups could take off to Penticton in a snow storm. We hit our friend Gayle's photography exhibit opening at Leir House, and then went to the Barley Mill Pub for a burger 'n beer session.

Saturday morning we cleaned the house and prepped for Angelo and Esther's afternoon arrival. We feel so blessed to have maintained this dear old friendship over the years, and the weekend just rocked. Lots of lounging around and laughing, pondering the human condition and analyzing our shared experiences. A few highlights and photos:


Angelo said...

That satellite map gives some context to why my legs are so tired today. This morning's ride to the deli just about did me in.

One of your usual qualifiers was conspicuoulsy absent from this post and bears mentioning: epic. I think that ride definitely qualifies.

And with spring arriving next week, I'd say we're off to a good start for the season.

Garth said...

hmmm...okay yes I'm jealous you've been out biking for awhile now. We're still stuck in snowville but the melt will happen soon! My new bike arrives this month though - i'll have to get my weary legs back in shape through good ol' biking and forget training on the home gym! Happy riding!

Jeremy said...

Angelo, my legs felt the same yesterday...simple trips up the stairs became reminders of the distance and elevation we covered the day before. And yes, epic certainly applies in this case, despite it being a ride right from my house. The perfect weather, ride length, total distance, views and variety of terrain qualify it as such.

Jeremy said...

I really don't mean to rub it in, Garth. It's been a weird winter for riding, with the trails in decent shape for part of every month, but then with blasts of snow and cold in between. Now it's getting more consistently nice, though...I put the hockey gear away for the season yesterday.

Garth said...

I can't complain either - I may not have been able to bike since December but we've had an incredibly mild weather and I got to ski more than I normally would as a result. I also will be picking up my new bike sometime this month and hopefully riding after all this snow melts. The one bad thing about a warmer winter is it seems we have way more snow.