Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Merritt Mountain Biking (Part 3)

Angelo and I met in Merritt again this weekend for some mountain biking and hanging out. Merritt is generally known as a dirty little mill town on the highway, but we're coming to see it as a riding mecca. When we checked it out last April, and again in June we rode the Coutlee Plateau area, which was really fun cross-country stuff. They were prepping for a race there the next day, so we decided to check out a different area called Godey Creek.

If you've ever driven past Merritt, you've seen the visitors' info center, and that's where the trails start. We went up Too Much Info, a perfectly designed singletrack climb that criss-crosses up the mountain without getting too exhausting, then across open grasslands and down to Godey Creek with a nice little extra loop up to a road as an extension, then all the way down along the creek back to the highway and the info center. A perfect sunny day, out exploring trails with a best friend, a trip to the pub later...good livin' for me. A few photos:
  • We met at Mandolin's Cafe for coffee and to pick a route on the map.
  • The mountain bike club takes the sport very, very seriously. You can feel the passion of the trailbuilders through some sections.
  • Angelo descending in the grasslands, cutting through the aspens and navigating Lower Godey. That last photo is one of my favourites, showing how they had to route the trail alongside the creek (you can see a little waterfall and pool in the lower right corner) over boulders, logs and ridges, crossing the creek with at least a dozen bridges...it was amazing trailbuilding, and provided us with many smiles.
  • Angelo is always good about getting me in a few shots as well -- crossing a grassy ridge and cruising across the Big Easy (although it looks high and a bit scary, the name is apt)
  • I drove into the backside of a raging thunderstorm, catching a nice rainbow behind the sagebrush.
  • Hockey Night in Canada at Myron and Tracey's later was super mellow and fun
  • I followed up with another bomber ride up to Rebellion with Nate, David and Michelle the next day, ending up in Penticton and meeting the girls for pizza in the park.
  • Going back in time, Mom and Dad made us a feast on Friday night -- very mellow, fun evening
  • Beer and apple crisp in Trout Creek later on Sunday...the perfect capper to a stellar weekend


Melodie said...

Looks like an amazing weekend. I am jealous. If only I had even a ten speed to ride...

Jeremy said...

Melodie, there's really no excuse to not have a bicycle, is there? Perhaps Santa will be kind this year and he'll bring you something with wheels and pedals(assuming you've been nice).

dave said...

Meri and I were just talking yesterday about the Coldwater burgers in Merrit - a thing of beauty.

Mind you, a long bike ride is required to work it off again!

Jeremy said...

Dave, you liked that other pub too, right (the one where we almost died laughing about your family's Kung-Fu skills)? That's where we went this time, and it was good. Certainly less character than the Coldwater, but decent food and good beer.

We had definitely earned the calories one that ride, having ridden from 11:30-2:30 without lunch...starved!

dave said...

Yea I liked that one as well - there is something nice about looking out over the whole valley while drinking a cold beer.

I will never forget that Kung-Fu night - I don't think I have ever laughed so much!

Jeremy said...

Same here...we must have just been in the right space to howl...tired, sick of conference shmoozing, a couple of beers in...good times.