Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Network Roundup

Some recent notables from our circles of blogness:
  • After ignoring his blog since fall last year, this week Myron busted loose with nine posts in one day. You might be able to spot me in a photo, grunting underneath one of those shed walls as it goes up very, very slowly.
  • Tannis also had a great little flurry of posts, covering her adventures in gardening and Joel's big prize.
  • Angelo has given his blog a new name and a new look. He's hinting at a new direction for the site and he's opened up comments on new posts -- looking forward to seeing what emerges over there.
  • Lots of other usual good stuff going on...I'm not shunning everyone else on the blogroll. Including more links here would likely require admitting how much time I waste reading blogs. It's not even funny.


Myron said...

I guess this whole blog thing just highlights one of my gross inadequacies.

Not posting for months and then blasting nine posts in one day is rather pathetic. Perhaps that is why I considered forgetting the whole blog scene - an aknowledgment that I will not be a constant blogger.

(sigh) That said, I decided to give it a go to be a little more connected, even on evenings such as these...tired...lots of homework.

By the way, great photos. I am reminded every time I visit your site how gifted you are at capturing moments.

On another note...go Edmonton!

Jeremy said...

I didn't mean to sound critical of your blogging schedule, My -- I'll leave the attacks to Plett, who has taken on the mantle of abusing you for infrequent posting.

Nine posts every few months is all good -- from my experience so far, every post is interesting a year or two later (to the author, anyway). I'm always glad later that I've posted the odd thing during times when I didn't really feel like it.

And thanks for the photo comment -- the fact that you're no slouch in that department adds impact to the compliment.

I've been so wrong with every prediction regarding Edmonton's chances this season that I'm just enjoying watching them prove me wrong over and over. They're playing with so much heart right now that it's hard to not rally around them. That said, with the weather turning great, I've only watched pieces of the last two games...

Myron said...

Edmonton is playing absolutely amazing. I have not enjoyed watching a series like the San Jose vs Edmonton in quite a spell.

Jeremy said...

Totally -- the quality of the games seems to be great right now -- Edmonton's speed and hitting were really something special against San Jose. They looked slower to me tonight against Anaheim (probably beat tired), but still came away with a win on the road...amazing.