Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dear Child

Ivy turns five today. A big milestone birthday, I'd say, and we've spent a lot of time talking about Kindergarten around our place lately. We can hardly believe how sensitive, considerate, and fun this kid is. I've said over and over in the past year, "Ivy's sure got a great soul".

Like all of us, she also has her moments where it's not all good, and we're probably too hard on her sometimes, but overall it's an amazing honour to spend time with this precious creature. Happy Birthday, Ivy Jane.

Update: Ivy got some of her presents this morning and seems to be enjoying being five today. She's off to Peachland to meet her buddy Mahaila for a date, and later a crew is meeting us in Penticton for bumper boats and a picnic. More photos to come, but here are a couple from this morning:
  • trying out her new inflatible sleeping bag from Grandma Pearl and Papa Larry
  • opening up her new backpack (and princess lunch box). making school feel all the more inevitable
Update 2: I got a few more photos of the birthday girl:
  • Hopelessly beautiful while listening to us sing "Happy Birthday" to her on the beach
  • She wanted to dress up in her prettiest dress for the proceedings. She didn't seem that out of place with the hundreds of fancied-up grads that were using the Loco Landing parking lot (where we were trying to get to for the bumper boats part of the party) as their staging ground.
  • Posing with the cake she and Tannis decorated together -- it was a big hit.
  • The grown-ups had a decent time, too. Not the worst place for a kid's birthday party when it's 30 degrees outside.
  • We continued the celebrations with the Duecks' the next day, first at the beach and then BBQing at their place later -- as you can see, it's quite a gang already when we all get together, and this is without me and Sloane, who was happily sleeping inside.


Jason said...

5?! Sheesh! Weeds, I swear. Happy B-Day Ivy!

Jeremy said...

I KNOW! Isn't it insane?

I'll pass along the birthday wishes.

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday Ivy! Remember how we are almost exactly 20 years apart in age? You turned 5 while I turned 25! I hope you had a great birthday.

Ang said...

How special is that. I wonder where that "great soul" came from you guys.
That cherry pic is so cuuuute.

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Plett girls.

Mama Pearl said...

Beautiful, beautiful Ivy. The birthday cake looks like a real fun beach scene too. Good job!

Jeremy said...

Isn't she a doll, Pearl? I think that one of her listening to us singing is just priceless.