Sunday, June 11, 2006

This Week's Photo Gallery

...which contains almost no photos of human beings because I've been Bachelor Boy for a week while Tannis and the girls joined my mom on a crazy spontaneous roadtrip to Manitoba. I'll keep clustering these scenery shots into individual posts that you can happily skip if that's not your thing.


Garth said...

Cool shot Jer of the rainforest - and it may not be Costa Rica but we live a pretty amazing country of diversity. You would have loved the epic 70kms of downhill fun on mtn bikes we experienced - simply amazing scenery!

Lisa said...

The first flower is a columbine, and the "striking" one is fireweed (it only grows where there has been a fire). I'm not sure about the fuzzy one!

Jeremy said...

Thank you, Botanist Lisa. The second one makes perfect sense, since it's right in the middle of an area that burned in 1996.

I've been thinking lately that I should really invest in a couple of good books for identifying the flora and fauna I'm seeing around here.

Jeremy said...

Umm...70kms of downhill shouldn't even be allowed. Seven-TEEN kilometers of downhill qualifies as epic -- we'll have to come up with a more expansive adjective.