Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Drunken Teenager

Perhaps the funniest opening lines of any article ever published in The Messenger, devoted to the history of old classmate and friend Chris:
"Chris first appeared on Providence College and Seminary’s campus at Otterburne, MB, as a drunken teenager at Youth Encounter. Years later his first night on campus as a student included sitting in the back of a police car in Winnipeg."
Disclaimer: This is only remotely funny if you knew Chris way back in the day, witnessed his total transformation into upstanding citizen and youth outreach worker...and if you've ever read anything in the Messenger.


Angelo said...

Time to come clean, I guess... I'm the uncredited co-conspirator on both of those inauspicious occasions. But I won't go into further detail, because Chris has got the goods on me, too.

Oh, and there's one other of your friends (who also appears infrequently on HeadspaceJ - you know who you are) that was present at the first of those two debacles.

Now my only question is, what in the hell are you doing reading The Messenger?

Jeremy said...

Doesn't everyone read The Messenger?

Glad you're fessing up to your involvement in these shenanigans.

I think I've heard both stories, but the details would be nice for a refresher. The third conspirator almost had to have been a certain M.B. Dueck.

Angelo said...

Um, no.

And as to the third conspirator... well it's not up to me to confirm or disconfirm your suspicions. At least not here.

Jeremy said...

Ok, I'll fess up. I don't ever read The Messenger. Today I got an e-mail from a Hiebert in North Carolina, and it triggered the memory of Chris's move down there, so I googled him and found that reference.