Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rainbows, Beaches and Friends

After a crazy rainbow season ended 12 days ago, we've had blasting heat. Beach every day, and the pictures are all looking the same, so I won't bother posting them. Today we were down at the beach with the Duecks again, and wandered over to Shaughnessy's for supper just as an intense thunderstorm was starting up. Tons of lightning, thunder shaking the house, and an enormous dump of rain, which already felt like a miracle after the dry heat. Anyway, thought I'd catch up with a hodgepodge post of photos and events from the last week or so:
  • I forgot to write last week that we had been back to Orofino, the straw-bale winery in Cawston. We picked up some early (expensive!) cherries and raspberries, had a picnic down by the Similkameen river, and enjoyed some wine beside the vineyard. As nice as it all was, we were kind of tense and just a bit off all day, with the girls not being at all accommodating. Can't all be perfect, right? And Cawston seemed kind of desolate overall, despite its beautiful valley.
  • Celebrated the Summer Solstice with the Hildebrands and had a wiener roast at the beach
  • Tan caught my best catch of the evening while I was playing frisbee with Myron in the park last week
  • My folks took us out to The Gasthaus in Peachland, one of our favourite eateries in the valley -- got this shot of Ivy and Grandma
  • One evening we wandered in the ornamental gardens, where nearly everything is blooming -- I loved these grasses and dramatic flowers on the hens 'n chicks.
  • Judging by this shot, is Tannis in danger of contracting baby fever? We are smitten by little Sloane so far.


Heather said...

Could the world possibly be able to handle another babe as cute as Ivy & Ella? I think so!

Tannis said...

Ah, but could the parents possibly handle more teenage babes that cute?

Heather said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! You're right Tannis - the teen years are a whole new ballgame.

Ang said...

rainbows, beaches and friends forever, swweeeet.
Envying your figure Tannis...

Tannis said...

Oh Ang, I recall being so envious of your flat belly (after Em) when I was pregnant with Ivy. Funny how gaining 40lbs can be hard on a normally balanced ego, even if it's for a good cause of course.

Jeremy said...

What a lame-ass sentimental title. I should be working for (and probably fired from) Hallmark.