Thursday, July 20, 2006

Summerland Townhouse Almost for Sale

Emboldened by my good experience selling our extra camera on the blog, I'm furthering the experiment. So, the camera went for $225, and we're currently talking about selling our townhouse in Summerland, BC for about a thousand times that. It's not officially on the market yet and we're planning to attempt selling privately (at least initially).

So, get the word out, loyal readers -- all seven of you can help us with the process of passing this home on to another happy family. We're planning to rent in town for a while and then see what happens. I'll keep the updates coming as things progress.

Update: I've got the site mostly up. It may not be a professional real estate site, but I think it's looking pretty good so far. We've got a few things to finish up before putting the official word out next week.

Update: SOLD! On October 31, 2006, we signed the papers.


Chris said...

Maybe you could try trading it for a red paperclip!

Jason said...

In town where? And what prompted this? Well, except for the fact that the market has gone so nuts you'll make a boatload of money.

Jeremy said...

Red paperclip, eh? HA HHAHA...knowing my bargaining skills, that's probably not a stretch for me. When I'm buying something, I fight the urge to pay more than the asking price, and when I'm selling something I'm always tempted to drop the price. Hopeless.

Jeremy said...

Jay, our friend Bill has offered to rent us his place; an old house surrounded by orchards on the other side of Summerland. We love spending time there already and it's got an amazing yard for the kids.

And, yeah...boatload of money sounds all right. It's happened a couple of times recently that we've seen a place we'd like to buy, but don't have a shot at it because any offer would be suject to selling our place first and that takes too much time.

Also, we like the idea of not owning for a while -- it feels like it would give us the potential to do some more interesting things, like the flexibility to take a longer trip or even live somewhere else for a while. We'll's still up in the air.

Tannis said...

Kind of terrifying to see that out there in print. We've been talking about it for a while already so I'm not sure why it's shocking. Maybe it's the thought of lawyers and banks and paperwork *revolted shiv and head shake*. The biggest challenge for me is standing up to the "but once you're out of this crazy market you won't get back in" mentality.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a pretty big move! If Ryan wasn't in up to his eyeballs in the new business it would probably be a temptation to try out Summerland for a year.

Jeremy said...

Why don't you guys buy the printing shop in Summerland -- you two could run the business and take care of the kids together. Oh yeah, and buy our townhouse.

Lisa said...

Cool, good for you guys. Nice time to sell, with the values being so high.

Mike and I just bought a townhouse, we move in at the end of October. Eeek!

Jeremy said...

Congrats, Lisa. That's a huge step! I've heard that the Calgary market is hotter than anywhere right now.

Our townhouse has been great for us -- it's big enough, very comfy and our shared-wall neighbour is quiet and nice. If we weren't so tempted by the resale value and didn't have a perfect rental lined up, it would be foolish for us to sell.