Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Vacation" Done

So, I'm back at work after a month off. The thesis research went well, but it's scary how much there still is to do. I feel a lot more focused now an have a clearer path. Overall, it was a glorious block of time -- spent piles of time with the kids, hit the beach all the time, visited with friends and enjoyed real summer.

We had a great weekend with Bill last week, and then Mark and Joel joined us this weekend for a super visit. The girls kept them busy at the beach a few times, and we hit Greata Ranch for some wine tasting and a picnic.

The less ideal times (studying inside, hot and tired and occasionally sick of the thesis) were made better by:
  • numerous Slurpees
  • taking off and going riding on my townie with Ivy on the trail-a-bike we borrowed from a friend. SO fun, and we already did a 12km ride around Giant's Head and across town together -- she loves it.
  • Thom Yorke, Sarah Harmer, some fun punk and an assortment of indie tunes helped keep me tethered to the laptop


Garth said...

Glad to see you were able to escape as well! My holidays are up too, in fact earlier than expected as I had to get ready for some speaking engagements. I may have to take some time off later on in August to make up for the extra work put in but tomorrow looks like a day at my parents' pool with the kids!

Jeremy said...

Can't ever argue with a pool day in summer. Sounds excellent.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good 'ol summer fun!

Jeremy said...

Yeah, pretty good livin', Heather. Low-key, and perhaps not very exciting, but very mellow and happy.

Gwen said...

Aren't trail-a-bikes the greatest thing? We love ours. Friends of ours used one till their kid was eight (for longer rides at that point). With a couple of sidepacks and a backpack, it's possible to go just about anywhere.

Jeremy said...

Totally, eh? My only minor complaint is that it's a bit of a pain to store and connect/disconnect, but overall it's worth the effort. Ivy just adores it.

Last night we rode out to the trestle with Myron pulling Elijah and Ella in the trailer, too. Two bikes, two dads, five kids...surprisingly fun.