Friday, August 18, 2006

Ella's Poems

My mom has done an incredible job writing down the funny and normal things our girls say, and the result is a wonderful record of their moods, ideas and development over time. Her book of Ivy stories is a already a precious family treasure, and more recently she's been collecting Ella's monologues into beautiful short poems that really capture her spirit right now. A sample:
Some Day

I know what I want to be when I grow up
A cat with a valentine necklace

I’d like to be a sunflower
Sunflowers are really pretty.
We have two.

I could make swirly stairs
And I could roll up at the top
And someone could push me down
And I’d roll down
I think that would be fun.


Ang said...

That photo and that poem have together filled me up with more joy than I can contain. Does Diane have time to be a grandma to my kids too??? I am overwhelmed! What a gifted family!!

Jeremy said...

Oh, Ang. Can't believe you haven't met Ella yet, and that we haven't met Tom. Through the wonders of blogs, we feel like we kinda know him a bit already.

I should have properly credited photographer Tannis with that photo of Ella dumping water on herself. She's been taking great photos lately.

And yes, Grandma Hiebert rocks for this stuff. You'd die laughing reading Ivy's stories. I'll send you a copy if we've got an extra one around.