Thursday, August 10, 2006

Second Friesens

After Chad and Crystal headed back east, Larry and Pearl arrived a couple of days later. They've been busily helping get the townhouse all sweet and sale-ready, although we occasionally released them from toil and servitude to hit the beach and walk into town with us.

Bill graciously lent us his yard for a campout one hot, smoky night earlier in the week. We had a great BBQ, and then we immediately put the Friesens back to work ridding the garden of the dreaded and evil Fahta Hahn. Tannis illustrated her photogenicity even while hacking out invasive weeds. Meanwhile, I lounged in the hammock with my beer and told Ella silly stories like the loafing slacker I am, pausing only to document the labour of the others. When they switched to playing with glow sticks, I quietly rejoined the party.

Now they're off to Vancouver for a few days to escape their Summerland slavemasters, vowing to only return once we've finished all possible work around our place. I'll probably use the time to continue my streak of going riding every day.


Garth said...

Gotta love those family gatherings and backyard bbq's! I just can't believe the amazing summer we've had here in Manitoba - glad to hear yours has gone well too!

Anonymous said...

How awesome to get to spend quality time with family. Glad you got to see everyone, and the girls got to see their cousins. The more I think about the long distance between these future cousins, the more I wish we lived just a tad closer-by. Everyone looks beautiful as usual, and we miss you guys.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, 'twas very mellow and nice to hang out with the gang on a hot summer night.

Heather, we think about the same thing often. It occasionally really sucks to be distributed across the country like this.