Monday, August 28, 2006


I've been missing all sorts of goodness from the last couple of weeks. A quick grab bag:
  • Congrats to Steve and Ang on the birth of their new guy, Simon...would love to meet this dude soon
  • My cousin Nicole's blog is excellent -- congratulations to her and Shane on the birth of their little man not too long ago.
  • I didn't take any photos, but Myron and Tracey hosted us and the Hildebrands for a backyard film festival on a hot night last week. It was way too much fun, with the kids all bundled up on the grass munching popcorn and watermelon while the grownups hung back and soaked in the scene. We set up sheets for a huge screen and hooked the DVD player up to our stereo and the projector, and nobody seemed to mind that the movie (Madagascar) kept skipping. An annual event, I hope.
  • Bill and Sam were out again, and we had a couple of glorious hot (and smokey) evenings. One we spent at the beach until it was totally dark, and the next one we brought food up to Bills and stayed up late after the kids fell asleep, listening the crickets and laughing ourselves hoarse -- the only photo I got from that evening was of Nada and Tannis chillin'.
  • The townhouse hasn't sold in the first week. Seven showings, many phone calls, 800 page views on the site, and even a couple of odd tentative offers. Keeping the place spic 'n span is straining our usual messy routines.
  • Work on my thesis has been very, very slow the last few weeks. I'm not bored with it, but it seems to be falling off the bus these days. I'm digging into literature on how people make decisions.
  • I've been sort of neglecting my song blog, too, but there are some gems in there. Listen to the whole list here if you're curious, and feel free to leave a note if there's something you like. It's the current soundtrack to my laptop-tethered life.
  • My work is ramping up for fall, with the merger of Bridges and Xap completed, and some interesting projects starting to emerge. Could be some travel for me again, after a couple of years of staying pretty close to the office. Tannis's work is picking up right now too, with contracts piling up all at once.
  • Stuff I'm thinking about usually pops up over in my lifestylism blog -- I'm curious about your personality type if you're just killing time anyway.
  • Ivy's off to Kindergarten in a week. Yikes.
  • Tannis was in hockey camp every night last week, ripping it up out there and glowing with happiness each night when she returned.
  • Still beaching most days (33 degrees today), and the water is still warm, but it looks to be cooling off of these days the heat will disappear for the season; the seasonal shift seems to fit with our current transition time.
  • Jay was doing some reflecting on his past last month and put together a great post that includes incriminating photos from our past when it overlapped.


Nicole said...

Thanks for the compliment Jer. More importantly though ... how cool is your idea with the projector and sheets!!! I might have to start saving up for one of those projectors, although I almost think sheets are more expensive these days ;)

Jeremy said...

Yeah, it was super fun. Myron's a teacher, and borrowed the projector from school...just so you don't get the impression that we're a bunch of richie-riches with projection TVs.

Nicole said...

oooooh that's sneaky ... hey wait a sec ... I'm no richie rich either but I do have a teacher husband ... I think Myron's on to something!

Develo said...

Hey..wait a minute. Isn't that one of the photo's that comes as a sample photo with Windows XP?

Jeremy said...

Good one, Greg. No, it is not a Windows XP desktop image. I did, however, crop it out of a larger photo that included the lake, beach and houses...looked better without the clutter.

Ang said...

How was Kindergarten Day 1?! I thought about you guys.