Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hikers and a Hodgepodge

Looking back through my Flickr photos, I realized that I missed a bunch at the beginning of September:
  • Ella insisted on wearing her lion costume for a hike up Giant's Head -- one of those times when I was about to freak out and demand that she change into something more appropriate, and then realizing that it made no difference...and look at the wonderful result
  • Smoky sunset from that same hike
  • The moon at full zoom -- I like how you can see the craters around the bottom edge.
  • The Penticton Farmer's Market was so busy that it was hard to get around, but we picked up a bounty anyway...which reminds me that Tannis has been an unbelieveable fruit canning/freezing machine this fall, putting away tons (almost literally) of berries, peaches, cherries and pears for the winter. Yum.
  • Dirty Launtry re-opened on Labour Day weekend to sell off their last bit of Riesling and to start selling a new red for the season. We caught a fantastic jazz trio called Cube while we sipped wine, munched grapes plucked from overhead vines and watched the girls play.
  • Dave and Lucy dropped off their camper-van and took us out for supper at The Gasthaus -- super fun.
  • Ell is learning to catch and throw the football
  • My co-worker and friend Russ loves this artsy shot of some pears captured just before they got stuffed in jars.


Pearl said...

Can't believe that moon shot! And Ella's the very cutest lion I have ever seen. Wasn't it pretty warm hiking in that? At least judging by Ivy's cool sundress, looks like a warm day. Precious girls.

Jeremy said...

Agreed, Pearl...super precious. It was actually a cooler night, so the lion costume wasn't the worst choice of attire, although I had to tuck her tail in a few times. Ivy put on her hoodie shortly after the photo was taken, if I remember correctly.