Monday, September 18, 2006

Sloane's Fanclub

We babysat Sloane a couple of weeks ago, and the girls just adored her. Ella held her for a while, but Ivy seemed to have the most baby charm -- Sloane kept smilling and cooing every time she came around. It was a total-chaos evening with the Hildebrands over for supper with their girls as well, but it was fun to have a full house and lots of action.

Myron and Tracey returned the babysitting favour last weekend when we had our open house. Unfortunately, the turnout was poor and no offers materialized. This week there have been some good nibbles again, so we're hoping someone serious appears soon.


Myron said...

Good looking girl!

Hey, you never told us about the 'total chaos'. Now we feel horrible.

Jeremy said...

Oh, yeah, total chaos with five girls under five, but of course Sloane contributed least to the chaos. It turned out to be a great kind of chaos that I never would have thought could be great in any way (if you had asked me five years ago).